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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

I think overall Voyager was a good show, but if they weren't going to do a show about a ship stranded alone low on resources, they shouldn't have stranded the ship in the DQ to begin with. Voyager's approach to writing would have worked a whole lot better as an honest TNG clone.

It did have its fair share of really good episodes but no consistency and no attempt to hide the blatant terrible attempts at ratings grabbings. Have you ever heard the expression 'A tactic known is a tactic blown'? Cheap attempts to increase ratings only work if it's not super-obvious it's a cheap attempt to increase ratings.

My problem with the Lindsay Ballard episode had more to do with the resolution. It made no sense to me that just because she was revived and genetically altered she would have no problem returning to the people who mutilated her and calling them family. That's another of the general problems with Voyager's writing, it backed off from moral issues that TNG and DS9 confronted.
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