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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

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5. They team up with a very normal Captain Janice Lester

Not at all. nuJanice as Madam Captain rather than murderess most foul seems to me a clever and fun notion.

Wouldn't nuTrek be so much the nicer if the ladies were considered to possess the temperament to take on the big chair? I don't remember seeing any lady captains in the last two films. Drag! A Capt. Lester could represent the ladies, and good mental health.

If the curse of the Furies is to be lifted in the next flick, I nominate Looney Tunes Lenore K. (Lester def. knows her way to Benecia) or Lethe (!!), the dangerously insane Dick Daystrom or Larry Marvick, or Garth of Izar, the wackiest of them all. So sublime it would be to see a new incarnation of Garth, free of accident, free of madness, and free of that Marta. Pike can't seem to catch a break in any _____verse, so why can't some other Kirk-era hero of the Starfleet?

Actually, Kirk + Capt. Lester + Fleet Capt. Garth = marvelous. WANT.

Whatever villainy (or better) awaits us, I hope the next adventure brings inspiration to the new generation of Trekkers with ladies in authority, with a Trek-ish optimism toward those afflicted with mental health issues, and catches up with the times by dosing us with a small smattering of gay. I am convinced that lesbian Klingon chicks with pain sticks is the something gay the fewest would object to. And I could live with that. It might also be cool if some of the Klingons could wear pink or lavender, like in TAS.

Please keep it all coming. This thread is a pure pleasure to read.

"We are not in the mood, Herbert."
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