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"Pilgrim Of Eternity" - is it good enough?

Watching this production I often felt that if the right lens or filter slid into place I'd swear this was an authentic episode from TOS' original run.

I've never had that feeling from any of the other fan productions. I can commend their efforts and admire their enthusiasm, but in the end there are often too many differences that distract me from getting swept up in it. It's much like feeling an author hasn't been effective at getting and holding your attention sufficiently for you to really care about his or her story.

This really did it for me.

Now for the past several hours I've been pondering a question: Is it good enough?

Good enough for what(?) you are wondering.

No work outside of what TPTB put on-screen is considered canon or "official" Star Trek. That said a lot of fans privately exercise their own discretion in terms of what fits into their own schemes of continuity. I know I do it and following remarks posted in various discussions over the years here on the TBBS as well as other sites I know other fans do it, too. Some like to accept (or exclude) certain books or comics or even episodes, films and whole series.

And note, too, that the issue of TAS (in regard to continuity) is still debated among fans.

So from that perspective do you feel Star Trek Continues: "Pilgrim Of Eternity" is good enough to be considered as part of your sense of TOS' continuity?

We know that it will never be officially recognized and accepted, but the question is whether you personally/privately might recognize and accept it as part of TOS' continuity.

There's no right or wrong answer. It's just a thought to foster discussion.
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