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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

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@CorporalCaptain: Yes, you are right. Forgot about those.

A thought just occured to me (now this is really OT) -- did the auxiliary power test play a part in the transporter malfunction? IIRC, when Kirk first engineering, the computer announces the auxiliary power test is in 2 minutes (or something to that effect). It seems like the transporter accident happened within a couple minutes of that.
Yeah, I always suspected that, too. Again, the DE axed the computer voice, so I can't definitely tell, but if I remember correctly about when the announcement is, the accident happens a little over two minutes after the mark of two minutes until the test, so it would seem that the test could have had something to do with the accident.

I also now clearly remember the computer announcing that there's a travel pod available after Kirk and Scott arrive.
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