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Re: Abrams chronology and canon questions

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When I read CiD, I thought, "Oh, Harry Mudd has a daughter in this timeline and she's part-Bajoran." I didn't take issue with this and saw no reason to doubt it. However multiple posters have expressed a vehement opposition to this idea, questioning the implications of her nose ridges and her exact relationship to Harry.

Please bear in mind that I have no objections to people not accepting her as Bajoran or Harry's daughter in their own personal continuities. To each their own.

I would just like to hear some people's reasoning behind this stance.
My main reason for skepticism is that Roger C. Carmel was a year and a half younger than William Shatner, though he looked older. Harry would've had to be substantially older than his portrayer in order to have an adult daughter at a time when Kirk's nearly 26. I could buy that Harry was in his early 40s when we met him in 2266, about a decade older than his portrayer, but that would put him in his upper 30s at the time of Countdown to Darkness. It's not out of the question that someone that age could have an adult daughter, if he'd been under 20 when he conceived her, but that's kind of pushing the limits of probability.

For what it's worth, though, an early draft of "Mudd's Women" put Harry's age at 47 (decades before that number became a recurring Trek meme!).

Is it too early in the timeline for encounters with Bajorans?
A certain recent TOS novel,
Mudd would've had to encounter them nearly 3 decades sooner.
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