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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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Transwarp transporter:

Given the lines in BoBW about matching velocities (as well as what longmagpie has said about Scotty's last depicted moments in Indistinguishable From Magic, in terms of TrekLit), it's pretty clear that the equation for transwarp beaming was developed after 2367, and probably after 2379 (since we never see anything from Starfleet like transwarp beaming in canon Trek before ST09)
But Starfleet did understand the principle of the subspace transporter in "Bloodlines"; Geordi was able to use the technique to beam Picard to DaiMon Bok's ship. They simply chose not to use it because it was dangerous and impractical. It's the sort of thing you'd use only for emergencies or if you were desperate/determined enough to take the risk -- which is how we've seen "transwarp" beaming used so far in the movies.

So I still say Starfleet was probably aware of the principle well before 2370.

Anyway, it's pretty easy to imagine how transwarp beaming across 100+ lightyears has an exponential energy cost curve; beaming one person takes a lot of energy, but beaming even ten people takes a LOT of energy, such that it becomes unfeasible. This would mean that transwarp beaming would be pretty useless for exploration: you just can't explore strange new worlds with a single landing party.
Not to mention that it makes no sense to beam someplace you haven't been able to get a detailed scan of; it would be far too dangerous and impractical. Although it could perhaps be used to send robot probes out first.

First, one of many gripes I've had with people nitpicking the film: McCoy didn't unfreeze one of the other Augments and just use their blood because he had zero evidence that their genetic enhancements would lead to their blood having similar regenerative properties. Khan was alive at the time and he knew Khan's blood worked in at least one case (I don't think he knew about Lucille Harewood), so that was the route he took. Any good scientist or doctor would've come to the same conclusion.
Absolutely right. It's a plausible assumption that the other Augments could've had the same power, but it's still speculation until it's proven.

So we're left with a dead Tribble and a dead human who died hours earlier of radiation injuries. If you think about it, that's actually a pretty specific medical use. Khan's Blood can apparently be used to repair cellular damage, even after death if it's done relatively quickly in humans. (I assume Tribbles are much simpler biologically, given them a longer "shelf-life".) Very easy to believe that it wouldn't work after, say, 48 hours, or wouldn't cure gross-level injuries like a broken neck or spine.
I agree. Also, I'm not sure that something which regenerates the body's own cells would have the ability to kill an infection; indeed, what if it has the same growth-enhancing effect on the disease microbes or cancer cells that it does on the normal cells of the body? What if it creates a cancer risk when used on normal, non-Augmented humanoids? After all, cancer is just the body's normal cell-growth process running out of control.

Bottom line, there's no such thing as a wonder drug that cures every kind of life-threatening condition, since there are so many different ways for the body to fail. A treatment that's a miracle cure for some conditions might be useless or dangerous when used for other conditions or injuries.
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