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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

Zameaze wrote: View Post
I skimmed through this post but didn't find much.

Really? You claim as a source: IMDb Star Trek: Voyager (19952001) Trivia. These are contributions from the readers. And the woman's statement that you quote begrudgingly admits a rise in ratings for Ryan's first few episodes.

You keep repeating the self evident: the ratings went down until the show was cancelled. Do you think you are saying something profound? Of course they did: The show was cancelled. It certainly doesn't negate the fact that Jeri Ryan boosted Voyager's ratings when she entered the cast.

But to give the devil his due, if I had started from where you did, I couldn't have gotten much farther.
I already said that the IMDB quote is bullshit, the statistics quote is not and the New York times quote is not. And I have always said that Jeri's first episodes which had 17 cubes, 8472 and 4 months of intensive advertising between seaosn 3 and 4 did have the 60 percent bump Berman says it did, but then ratings fell, and fell and felling. The ratings went up for one story. That's a blip not a trend.

Your steadfast point of view to this point is that the ratings didn't go down.

Or that you can identify how the ratings went down slower because Seven of Nine drew in millions of new viewers.

The only thing I have ever said is that the ratings went down, and the only thing you have ever said is that I can't prove that the ratings went down because the ratings don't reflect the ratings.

And you have repeatedly called me an idiot for saying that the ratings went down until you finally just admitted now that the ratings went down and that I was an idiot for clambering about the self-evident decline in ratings, when that's all you've been fighting for the last two days.

The ratings went down.

Seven didn't save the show.

Jeri sleeping with Brannon Bragga probably helped, but until the sex tape comes out there's no proof that either of them had a realtionship other than that it was completely public and and they confirmed it at every turn.

If you NOW agree that the ratings went down, if you have always agreed that the ratings went down, what the fuck has been your reason for saying that the ratings didn't do down and that only an insider can clarify what the ratings really mean?

What exactly is this magical non exsistent quote you wanted me to find?

What the hell do you think I have been trying to say other than that the ratings have been going down?
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