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Re: Abrams chronology and canon questions

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Has Bajoran been specified? The daughter has a Bajoran-like nose ridge.
Nothing in the text. I'm still treating her as human (and the ridges as an art error) until a later comic establishes otherwise.
This same issue came up in the ongoing comic thread and I feel I need to ask: why is this a problem?

When I read CiD, I thought, "Oh, Harry Mudd has a daughter in this timeline and she's part-Bajoran." I didn't take issue with this and saw no reason to doubt it. However multiple posters have expressed a vehement opposition to this idea, questioning the implications of her nose ridges and her exact relationship to Harry.

Please bear in mind that I have no objections to people not accepting her as Bajoran or Harry's daughter in their own personal continuities. To each their own.

I would just like to hear some people's reasoning behind this stance.

Is it too early in the timeline for encounters with Bajorans? I thought the Cardassian name drop in the '09 film opened the door for an earlier introduction of Bajor to the nuTrek universe, but maybe I'm wrong.

Do the opposers feel that it should have been Harry in the comic and not his daughter? My thinking is that the film writers wanted to leave the door open for them to possibly introduce Harry Mudd in some future sequel if they so desired so they came up with the idea of using his daughter for the name recognition and made her Bajoran just to add a little alien flavor. They probably chose Bajoran because nose ridges would be easy to identify for old school Trek fans (CiD's primary readership demographic).

I've read the argument that her being Bajoran doesn't service the story in any way. True enough, I suppose, but the same could be said about the Doctor's bow tie in Doctor Who. Sometimes details are added just because they're a cool thing to toss into the mix, to paraphrase the great Walter Bishop, and I think the Mudd girl's nose ridges are just that -- a cool little detail that hints at a much larger Trek universe just beyond the edge of the page.

But again, I am very curious to hear an opposing viewpoint on this issue if anyone has the time or inclination. Thanks to any that respond.
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