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Re: Apollo makes a comeback!

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Actually, I think he channels Shatner pretty well, and from certain angles, he looks a lot like him.
He does indeed. What's remarkable is that you'll see certain gestures, facial expressions and movements that reflect some of Shatner's incarnation of Kirk, but not to the point of exactly cloning... which gives his portrayal originality while still capturing the essence of how we see Kirk. It's brilliant. There's also the luck of his facial structure, which lends itself well, not to mention his mid section having just the right "stoutness". Although Vic is also clearly more muscular than Shatner was back in TOS days, evident by simply looking at his upper body.

I thought it was unfortunate Chris Doohan wasn't cast as Scotty in the reboot, and glad to see him as Scotty here. His Scotty is far superior to that of Simon Pegg, IMHO
I'd thought about that as well, but a potential problem is that Chris Doohan may not be young enough. Although in TOS it sure looked like Scotty was a couple of years older than Shatner, Chris Doohan would look a good decade or more older than Chris Pine.
Funny, I always thought Scotty and Bones were both mid-forties to Kirk's 34-ish and most Lt.s' twenties.
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