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Re: Orphan Black kept my Attention.

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Another good one, but a strange ending.

And we have to wait nearly a year for S2.
I honestly wasn't as affected by the cliffhanger ending as I thought it would be. In a way, I'm not sure I care about what happens to Kira, and I think Sarah is going to get her back. My main excitement is that it felt like this season wrapped up perfectly and we're now heading into Phase 2. I got the sense that the person Rachael was talking to was Mrs. S, and that she took Kira.

Everything else about this episode rocked though. The scenes between Helena and Sarah were amazing, and I knew one of the clones would be killed off. I thought it was going to be Allison though, so I was happy that wasn't the case. Really looking forward to season 2. Now we've got ethical questions that are worth exploring. It's almost like I expect Season 2 to be a long season of TNG's Measure of a Man, Property vs. Freedom. That is something I'm looking forward to, especially since this is Orphan Black and the writing as been awesome.
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