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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Course oblivion

Really? Really? Can it be true? Is this a trick? this has to be a trick! These were my first thoughts. I was right! She said lieutenant Paris in the vows.

What the hell? They are all duplicates? The entire ship is full of duplicates. "Janeway" tries to maintain course to the alpha quadrant and then changed to go back to their " home", which was the demon planet. Their are several lines about survival and touching scenes with the crew, which meant nothing to me. Even though the duplicates have the same base personality, once they found out they were duplicates their behavior changes.

Least favorite part: the whole episode. I feel like any character development that occurred does not count since they are duplicates, and they know it. Having that knowledge changes their behaviors.

Also, if this is going to be a coulda woulda episode at least let Chakotay and Janeway hook up!

I liked this ep.

To me it was Voy's version of a MU ep... much more so than even "Living Witness".

And that ending... where only we the audience (and any races who interacted with MU Voyager) know there was a duplicate Voyager... and only we know what happened to the Duplicate.

It is almost a "there but for the grace of God"(and Captain Janeway) reminder for our own intrepid travelers.

At any time, any moment, they too could have their very existence wiped from the universe with no-one else the wiser to mourn their passing.

JANEWAY: Make a note in the ship's record. We received a distress call at oh nine hundred hours, arrived at the vessel's last known co-ordinates at twenty one twenty. The ship was destroyed, cause unknown. No survivors. Mister Paris, resume course.
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