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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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You doomed yourself the moment you clicked 'Submit New Thread'.
i disagree, and feel that every approach of mine can be managed/mitigated.
CBS legal might say otherwise.
yes, true, and when/if i have to, i (my attorney) will detail for them the entirety of my online self promotion efforts. there's a number of methods with which to protect myself and CBS. WGA registration was a step.

if it doesn't get bought, it simply doesn't get bought.
life goes on; i tried.

my story involves the use of Chris Pine et al, in time/age sensitive roles. if it doesn't stick, it goes away, or it finds another medium/format and licensing attempt.
You need an entertainment law and film writing class badly.

And never think "If I need a lawyer" in this business. Just assume from the get go you'll need one. Talk to a few that specialize in entertainment law and copyright. Fine one you like and is in your price range and put his number in your phone in case you have to call him up and hire him.

You can't write spec banking on a set specific actors. Pine may not want to go back to TV, he might not want to be Kirk after the next movie. You never bank your story on the casting.

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nah. i think it's good advice. in fact, i think i have far less leverage in a traditional approach.
Exactly what leverage do you think you have ? Star Trek is CBS' property.
i have the leverage of produceable material, and industry ins. it's not hard to do... but like i said, it's more than 99% provide.

CBS owning Star Trek is nothing new to me.

i'm presenting a ton of spec work (for free), which seen by the right eyes, may ring as an opportunity.
You and about every other asshole wannabe knocking of their door. You've got the cliche and nothng special.
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