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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

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The idea that fan films cannot be creative could only come from somebody with a very limited view of fan films. I invite you to come to Star Trek Reviewed and watch the following:
Steam Trek:
Stone Trek:
Star Trek Aurora:
Turkish Star Trek:
Stalled Trek:

I have limited myself to what I call "Golden Age" films... but there are many more unique and creative efforts.
Get back to us when you have something that is not a comedy.
Star Trek Aurora is not a comedy. But I'm sure you'll find some reason to eliminate that, too.

In audio Trek, look at Star Trek Outpost.

In Silver Age Trek, many people think the forth episode of Encarta is what Voyager should have been.

Star Trekz Empire tells the story from the Klingon point of view:

The fact that you had to eliminate comedies shows you acknowledge that some fan films are very creative and original. I'm sure you'll further acknowledge it by making up reasons to eliminate more of these.

Every time you say a fan film doesn't count you prove yourself wrong again.

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