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About what was said about Kim and Chakotay....I mean, you need "straight" characters to butt heads with the more extravagant ones.

The EMH was easily the funniest character on VOY, in my opinion. He could be funny when by himself or interacting with ANY other character. He is sarcastic and sardonic, but still has so much emotion (even though he is a hologram).

Seven of Nine and Tuvok were the "not meaning to be funny, but will make you laugh out loud" characters. The EMH, Tuvok, and Seven are all delightfully sarcastic people and I love it.

Neelix was goofy and I think he was meant to be funny, but he was pretty corny. But still a fun character.

Tom was funny when put into situations with Harry and B'Elanna.

Chakotay was not funny...but I like the relationship he has with Janeway.

Maybe solely as single people, some characters are not "funny", but put them together and their contrasting personalities make it one of the funniest Trek shows ever in my opinion.

DS9 has amazing character development and many EXTREMELY funny lines from Garak, Quark, Odo, etc. But overall I would still watch VOY if I feel like laughing. Although DS9 is a close second!
I think you can have straight man characters who are well developed and interesting in their own way. Miles O'Brien was the straight man in DS9 and he was more interesting then Harry Kim and Chakotay.
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