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Re: Why do non gamers bash gamers?

I prefer not to tell people that I play games. Some guy gamers seem to think females only play games to get attention. It is infuriating. And then there are those who actually get interested just because you are a female who plays games. Thankfully most male gamers don't go cray cray in either direction .

I've had a lot of negative reactions from non gamers if they discover i play. I wouldn't call myself a gamer though. I play video games but I'm not devoted to them. I've never felt the need to be better than other players. Even in online games I prefer playing on my own. A "gamer" is someone who is devoted to getting the best results, winning and competing. Most of the gamers I know are sweet and awesome. But all of them have their nerd rages, and to someone who doesn't play these minutes of rage probably look like childish tantrums. (which they in some cases are) Also! A lot of gamers ignore a lot of things they should be doing so they can play games. Housework, homework, work.. Or even caring for their children or pets.
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