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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

Sorry.. I am probably going a bit OT here, but I wanted to clarify better.

I have since warmed up to the male computer voice. Missed it too in the DE -- especially during that first transporter accident (which I think is the first time you would hear it). The new computer voice just didn't give you the same sense of "oh shit... someone fucked up and people are going to die"

Looking back, by the first intruder alert (when Ilia gets zapped) it felt like too much. Up to that point was enough. Just off the top of my head, I can't think of any episode where they go to red alert more than 2 times. And now, only an hour into the movie we already heard it 4 times. This also created problems for the film. The intruder alert could easily have been announced by Spock or Chekov. Especially since this was at the tail end of the long vejur flyover -- more dialogue was desperately needed. At this point, the use of the computer voice had likely accomplished what it set out to do:

1) Reinforce the differences from the old ship to further convey Kirk's initial unfamiliarity and awkwarness.
2) Provide a sense that ship was not yet ready having been rushed at Kirk's orders, making it unsafe. After Spock arrives and repairs the warp drive, no other systems are shown to malfunction or be non operational (save for the panel that Spock smashes). Essentially, from this point on the ship is shown to have achieved a desired level of readiness. At this point, the continual alarms should have been unnecessary. All further alerts resulted from either external factors or mission driven requirements. I think dramatically, the film would be better served had these alerts been raised by the crew. From the interception in the cloud to when the Ilia probe arrives, I feel like the crew are just passengers along for the ride. With most of the plot developments being announced by the computer, it makes the crew look like they were just reacting to things after the fact.

To bring this back on topic, my issues weren't so much about these new elements, but how they kept the characters from feeling (to me) like and integral part of the ships crew. Though the concept is sound for computer announcements, I think they inadvertently shortchanged some of the characters by losing their lines to this unseen voice.
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