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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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Here's a question posed to me many a moon ago: Do you have the legal right to file a treatment/concept with the WGA using CBS's intellectual properties? The argument being that since you used their intellectual properties in a registered work that you are laying copyright claim too, that you are in a roundabout fashion, claiming to have a stake in their copyright. Which could be viewed as a violation of their copyright; seeing as your were not employed to create the work.
Well, I think I can unknot some of that... Registering with the WGA is not registering copyright.

Copyright can only be registered with the Copyright office. And I don't think they would give you a copyright on a treatment for Star Trek, as CBS/Paramount control all of that.

Registering with the WGA is basically saying this draft was done at this point in time. There's no claim of copyright.

ALSO: when you sell something to a network or a studio, they buy the copyright. It's their property totally. They pay you lots of cash for it, but, it's theirs to do as they see fit. So, then they could register THAT at the copyright office.
That's what I thought. But I've heard a lot of back and forth opinion on the matter.

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i have 2 out of the three books.

and i don't do much 'by the book' outside of teleplay formatting. i understand that position, but it's not the end all of getting a pitch to screen.
1) The format exists for a reason, learn it, love it, use it.

2) You just ignored the part where I said pay attention to the sections about business.

And, here's one I just realized: You post online, some boards and serves can lay claim to your content. Better be real careful where you post it cause some TOS/EUA make it clear you transfer ownership of your posted content to the board/site.
though i'm not produced, i'm not a novice, re: 1 & 2.
i'm not gonna offer any more of my personal resume, per your request, but i'm quite prepared in the 'sections about business'. believe it or don't believe it, but i have plenty of industry friends at every stage of the cinematic heirachy, and strong advisors (and representation lined up and ready)

i have never pitched a script, but i have yet to try. but i've been a lobbyist, and i can study an path and find my way to my goals...and it's been a 'new years goal' of mine to get back to fiction writing, and elaborate upon ideas i've had in the hopper over the past 15-20 years.

i'm making the effort to publish my stories (non-Trek and Trek) and story ideas that i've written in the past, by covering some of the allegorical essay material written, and knowledge i've accumulated awareness of in my travels.

i know the traditional approach, and i scoff it, in some respect.

i'm working with a skillset that has shown me other avenues, and as long as i'm legally protected, i'm gonna give it a shot.

if CBS doesn't give me the time of day, thanks for showing concern. maybe i shoulda tried it your way.

good point about TOS/EUA. that's a key reason why i posted just the treatment. i'm not gonna scatter a script to the wind.
Dude, even what you posted is enough for someone to lay claim to the work. Even a log in could be enough.

The formats exist for more reasons than tradition. The formats are actually important. A mark of a professional is using the required formats for his/her market. A lot of editors or studio readers will just chuck a manuscript/script that isn't up to spec on formatting--fuck the story; if you can be assed to follow the rules of the game, you don't get to play

At some point you're not going to be dealing with friends. In this business you will and do deal with people that couldn't be bothered to piss on you if you were on fire. You're some snot nose nobody writer trying to talk them into giving you money with promises to make them more money. You've gotta prove that you can deliver.
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