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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello everyone, my name is Richie and I'm a Trekaholic. I'm 36 and grew up watching TOS every Sunday afternoon. Oddly enough it was my father who would watch it while falling to sleep on the couch. I was fascinated by the pastel colours, shinny objects and blinking lights the sets had to offer.

On to TNG. I remembered seeing the first promo for the show in TV guide thinking "what's with the bald guy?" In actuality, I didn't care for TNG all that much in the first few seasons. I couldn't relate to the characters. I think I compared it too much to TOS and it didn't feel like Trek at all to me. Perhaps I even regarded it as stupid even. I thought Worf looked like a werewolf, Geordi looked like he was peering through an air filter and Data looked as though he suffered from jaundice. So, I pretty much gave up on the show about 5 eps into the first season, never to return until late season 3. It recaptured my interest when a friend of mine loaned me Encounter At Farpoint VHS tapes in 1990. Now think about it…back in the day, you didn't see TV series on tapes unless you recorded it yourself. Not like it is today where you can buy seasons of everything on DVD.

Anyway, I really took interest in the show after viewing EAF a few times, which led me back into the series around the end of season 3 in both new and repeat episodes. I became a hardcore fan in 1995. It was the movie Generations that did it. Here’s why. I had suffered a horrible ordeal that just tore my soul to pieces. I hate to admit it, but I was devastated. I made a stupid attempt on my own life and was completely lost. My brother had purchased Generations through some video club membership but he wasn’t really into it, so he gave me the tape. That movie alone got me through some really tough lonely nights as I tried to recover emotionally. I believe I fell asleep to it every night for a good 6 months. There was something about it that movie that pulled me away from it al and gave me a safe place to hide. To this day, I get a feeling of peace whenever I watch it. Especially the part where they do the flyby of Scotty, Chekov and Capt. Harriman standing on deck 15 looking out into space from the torn bulkhead. God that scene made it feel like Trek was real and not just a fictional concept.

So, as you can see, TNG is family to me.

Here I am two months ago playing a show at a local club.

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