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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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Don't even post that much. Do it not get it: You post NOTHING till you have a contract or a firm denial. NOTHING. That's the professional way of doing it.

If you haven't invest in three books: Screenwriter's Bible, Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting, The Complete Book of Scriptwriting Read 'em cover to cover and pay attention to the section regarding the business side of things.
i have 2 out of the three books.

and i don't do much 'by the book' outside of teleplay formatting. i understand that position, but it's not the end all of getting a pitch to screen.
1) The format exists for a reason, learn it, love it, use it.

2) You just ignored the part where I said pay attention to the sections about business.

And, here's one I just realized: You post online, some boards and serves can lay claim to your content. Better be real careful where you post it cause some TOS/EUA make it clear you transfer ownership of your posted content to the board/site.
though i'm not produced, i'm not a novice, re: 1 & 2.
i'm not gonna offer any more of my personal resume, per your request, but i'm quite prepared in the 'sections about business'. believe it or don't believe it, but i have plenty of industry friends at every stage of the cinematic heirachy, and strong advisors (and representation lined up and ready)

i have never pitched a script, but i have yet to try. but i've been a lobbyist, and i can study an path and find my way to my goals...and it's been a 'new years goal' of mine to get back to fiction writing, and elaborate upon ideas i've had in the hopper over the past 15-20 years.

i'm making the effort to publish my stories (non-Trek and Trek) and story ideas that i've written in the past, by covering some of the allegorical essay material written, and knowledge i've accumulated awareness of in my travels.

i know the traditional approach, and i scoff it, in some respect.

i'm working with a skillset that has shown me other avenues, and as long as i'm legally protected, i'm gonna give it a shot.

if CBS doesn't give me the time of day, thanks for showing concern. maybe i shoulda tried it your way.

good point about TOS/EUA. that's a key reason why i posted just the treatment. i'm not gonna scatter a script to the wind.
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