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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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i have plenty of pitches, i'm older than 30, and was a fan of the series as a kid and through highschool; took ten years off, came back to the franchise, and thought i'd give a series attempt a try. (as hobby, with the full intention of making it happen)
SIGH. I'm asking you to place yourself in role of the person you are pitching TO. Put on your acting cap. They are most likely going to be around 30, unless you know some REAL higher ups, they are most likely NOT going to care about Star Trek, and they are going to have heard a LOT of pitches that day, that week. NOW... how would you pitch to THAT person.

the only thing that bothers me in this thread, is the mischaracterization of what i presented (as well as me, personally) and belittlement of an effort.
Nothing has been mischaracterized. If ALL of us are seeing something that you are not, put your ego aside, and really LOOK and LISTEN to what we are saying.
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