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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

zekkie wrote: View Post

am i currently scheduled to pitch, no
can i make it happen? pretty certain of it.
You should make it happen. It's the only way. If you can make it happen, that should be in your plan. Without a doubt.

you're being coy. i know the definition.
perhaps not the most appropriate word in this case, but i'm using definition 3
Which #3?

3. Annoyingly unwilling to make a commitment.
3. evasive, esp in an annoying way
3. reluctant to reveal one's plans, make a commitment, or take a stand.

Because I'm pretty sure I'm asking you to make a commitment, and I don't think I'm being evasive and I have no plans to reveal... so...

Yeah, I'm not being coy. I'm certainly being demanding. That's for sure.

you're refusing to accept the answer i've presented, and then you mock it like you've got the answer to 'some scheme'.
I accept it as an answer. But it's not a GOOD answer. It's not an answer you can give to someone and they are going to take it seriously. And I have no idea what you mean that I have some "scheme."

I'm telling you the reality. You cannot go in and pitch Star Trek comedy saying it's like Benson and Parks and Rec--other than being workplace comedies, there is no similarity. It simply will not work. It will confuse rather than inform.

good day.
I'm actually trying to help. I get that you don't see it. But, seriously, put your ego aside for a moment, and sit in the chair of the person listening to your pitch. Pretend you are not a MEGA Star Trek fan, pretend that you get lots and lots of pitches, pretend that you are 30 years old.
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