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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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That's because the effects of warp drive are limited to the immediate vicinity around a starship and generally vanish when the ship drops out of warp. You may or may not have noticed that the Enterprise's use of warp in the solar system wasn't really that big of a risk to anything except the Enterprise, with its untested engine and lack of proper simulation (that and a random asteroid that happened to cross into its path).
Solar systems are full of a lot of random asteroids. Probably fewer if they just fly up first... damn Galactic Plane.

But warp bubbles can't be small - they have to be massive because you have to warp space all the way to your destination across light years. Not all the way in one go obviously, or travel would be instantaneous, but they have to squeeze quite a long corridor even at low warp. The higher the warp factor the longer the warped 'corridor'. If JJPrise can travel 90 light years in 12 hours isn't that a corridor of 20,000,000,000 km per second? That's huge!

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The weird thing is that I can watch Star Wars and have no problem believing that the Millennium Falcon can take off easily. I think it's just because Enterprise just looks like it was never designed to land and had never (previously) landed and we were led to believe that these ships were constructed in space that led to the changes being so jarring.
So I guess the only real difference between you and me is that you never played Halo.
It's true! I prefer games with hobbits and/or Homer Simpson.
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