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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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1) NCIS, CSI, Reality TV, what ever is more interesing that some boring ass Star Trek show that has nothing to do with the movies

2) ooooh Facebook pages with a high friend count. So what you're a teenage girl? Way to hang your hat on a fading social media structure.

3) No, we don't give much in the way of the benefit of the doubt when you ASK FOR PEOPLE's opinion.

And some of us are are professional enough to 1) take criticism 2) Know not to post a uncontracted work on a public forum 3) Not act butthurt and defensive when people give their opinions. 4) Good job fucking over part of your marketing by getting negative comments and opinions before you've even sold it.

Hell, I have shit regged in the WGA-E. You know why I'm not going to discuss it here: cause I'm actually trying to make money with it. It's called professionalism and marketing. You don't post shit about treatments or concepts online till you've a contract in hand and a check in the bank--NDA not withstanding.
quite a professional response. good day.
Am I here in a professional capacity? Am I trying to market a concept or a treatment? Nope. What I am, however, is a member of this board posting a thread where the OP asked for honest feedback--which I'm giving.
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