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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

Zekkie, take a deep breath. A lot of people are giving you sound advice, here.

zekkie wrote: View Post
then i intend to outdo him, by about 40 Emmy's. (noms, anyway)
Are you serious ? If so, you are going to be dissapointed, man. I think you should be more realistic, here. Listen to the people you present your ideas to.

My 2 cents: Trek works better as drama with _some_ humour in it, not comedy. And second:

like i said, this encompasses the expanded continuity of licensed productions.'re further restricting the number of people who, off the bat, would be interested in your idea, by stepping outside of even live-action canon. There aren't 20 million hard-line Trek fans in the world probably.

this series is a vehicle to tell the story of Kirk and Spock, if folks will read beyond a couple paragraphs.
I perused the whole thing. Remember I stopped at "comedy" on my first pass ? My guess is that a studio exec will stop after "Exploring the universe of throwaway lines and exposition .08".

Now, I disagree with some of your critics here that it can't work without Kirk and Spock. TNG proved that it can. But it proved that because it was a kick-ass show back then, with little that the viewer had to know about Trek because it was in a completely different time period. Can you say the same about yours ?
And that's my opinion.
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