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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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i should note that the bulk of my education has been in the Social Sciences, with emphasis on propaganda and public relations. i am aware of keenly audience attitudes.

indeed it's a big concept, but i'm attempting it.
Again, why does the view care what your education is (I noticed nothing about media marketting--let me guess you'll claim that one next)?

I (The viewer) want my Kirk and Spock and flashy space battles, give me that or I'm changing the channel.
change the channel if it's on the tv. go ahead. to what?

about media marketing, i'm in politics, if that counts.
and i have a couple facebook pages in the tens of thousands.

i'm giving it a shot.

(i'm not even attempting to brag, but... y'all don't give the benefit of the doubt much, do you.)
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