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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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Bold part: You've done last your viewers.

I'm John Doe public. I'm flipping through On-Demand. I see "Star Trek". Hey, I liked the movies, why not. I see April and Colt? Who the fuck are these guys? Where's Kirk, where's Spock. I don't read the comics, don't read the novels, and the most I game is COD or WOW. Why the shit do I care that some character from the comics/books is in the show.

People want Star Trek, and to the pop-culture that's Kirk and Spock. We tried a prequel, it was called Enterprise it failed. You're not going to pull 20 million with Apirl and Colt.

John Doe Viewer don't care how much research you put in. He don't care if you're going to morph it down the road. He wants Kirk and Spock from scene 1, episode 1. You don't get season after season to world build or "morph" into something anymore. Bag, grab 'em by the nuts, keep their asses in the seats week after week, and if you don't pack up and go home.

Only the fans, the hardline fans, give two shits about April. And the bulk of them don't even care. You could bring back Enterprise and have as good as chance or better than the ideal you're putting out there. It's too big, to concept.
i should note that the bulk of my education has been in the Social Sciences, with emphasis on propaganda and public relations. i am aware of keenly audience attitudes.

indeed it's a big concept, but i'm attempting it.
Again, why does the viewer care what your education is (I noticed nothing about media marketing--let me guess you'll claim that one next)?

I (The viewer) want my Kirk and Spock and flashy space battles, give me that or I'm changing the channel.
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