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Re: Anti-Borg technology and tactics

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People posting pictures of tommy-guns and hailing these as the answer to combat the Borg always make me laugh. How stupid can you be?

The tommy-gun worked because the Borg Collective had never been shot at with a tommy-gun, not because some weapon from the 1920s is the holy-grail to defeating Borg drones.

You can't mow down hundreds of drones with them time after time because they adapt, just like how phasers work for a while.

Surely anyone with working brain can understand that?
The thing that's always bugged me about that line of thought is that it's somewhat hard to believe that not once, in all the worlds they have assimilated, have they encountered simple slug throwers. A bullet is a bullet is a bullet, they shouldn't have to adapt to every specific type of gun. They're also vulnerable to direct physical assault.

Is there an example in all of Trek where the Borg have adapted to attack by a weapon that is not energy based?
No, and in fact several times we see Starfleet officers resorting to fisticuffs when their phasers stop working. The problem isn't so much that the Borg "adapt" to physical attacks so much as Starfleet officers suck at hand-to-hand combat. Otherwise, we see Worf make short work of one with a sword and beats another one to death with the phaser rifle it had just adapted to. Data, also, kills one by snapping its neck and later -- after being captured by the Queen -- punches his way through a roomful of Borg until one of them scratches him with its claw and he gets all wussy about it.

That, plus the fact that Borg drones are both very slow moving and inexplicably lack ranged weapons of any kind, means that you could probably kill every last one of them just by equipping your security department with long pointy sticks and/or swords.
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