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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

this series is a vehicle to tell the story of Kirk and Spock, if folks will read beyond a couple paragraphs.
Bold part: You've done last your viewers.

I'm John Doe public. I'm flipping through On-Demand. I see "Star Trek". Hey, I liked the movies, why not. I see April and Colt? Who the fuck are these guys? Where's Kirk, where's Spock. I don't read the comics, don't read the novels, and the most I game is COD or WOW. Why the shit do I care that some character from the comics/books is in the show.

People want Star Trek, and to the pop-culture that's Kirk and Spock. We tried a prequel, it was called Enterprise it failed. You're not going to pull 20 million with Apirl and Colt.[/QUOTE]

this series is a vehicle to tell the story of Kirk and Spock.

this series is intended to morph into a series of Kirk and Spock of movie cast.

George Kirk (Hemsworth) is prominent in the first 2 terms of the overall narrative, and the name Kirk, never goes without mention.

this isn't "faith of the heart"
it's doing my research and giving it a crack, realizing the flaws of the past series, while creating a plot device in which to utilize the movie cast in their age specific roles.
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