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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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"not interesting" to this crowd of trolls, perhaps.
What were you expecting? Seriously. Because what you asked was, what do you think? And you got a lot of what people thought. And you don't like it. Why would you, it's not saying how great it is. But, then, you did post in on a bulletin board on the net and invited criticism. Of which there HAS BEEN, but, because you don't like it, it's trolling... If you are this thinned skinned as a writer HERE, its gonna be hard in the professional world...

Listen, honestly, if you want a career as a professional TV writer, I do, honestly, wish you the best. But, how you are going about it right now, isn't professional. You won't be taken seriously.

Honestly, if you have NO TV experience those that ACTUALLY matter won't even look at this.

If you have written a really great ORIGINAL pilot, maybe you can get an agent or a manager and they can get you meetings and SOMEDAY you can get this idea made... after you have made some great TV.

Have you written an original pilot? Or a spec of an existing show?

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But, this isn't true. I've specifically asked is the tone like Benson or Parks and Rec... and you haven't answered.
either or. take your pick. it's not static. it's a workplace comedy like mentioned. and both of those shows have plenty of parallels. it's also a little like Firefly, Farscape, Wonderfalls, and few other shows by the scenarios they encounter, but it's mostly Star Trek.
That's not a great answer when an exec asks you what the tone of the show is like. "It's either or..." No. They want to KNOW what is YOUR vision. What do YOU think it should be? And not static, what does that even mean? It's going to change from week to week? So one week the humor is one thing and then the next it's another? How would an audience stick with it... WHY would an audience stick with it if it's going to keep changing every week?

Firefly, Farscape, Wonderfalls, again, all three have VERY different tones.

To me, it sounds like you don't have a clear vision of what the show is going to be like, certainly not tonally. Pick one.
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