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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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in the most basic sense, hating on this treatment without valid warranted criticism, is hating on the expanded continuity. all i'm presenting is the anthology of the Enterprise, leading up to Kirk.

hating the characters? you're hating someone else's licensed, published Trek novel, game, or comic (or throw-away-line-history) (specifically, Gene Roddenberry's ;D)
If I was an average viewer: Why do I give a shit. Why do I care about the EU, Continuity, the timelines. I want my Kirk and Spock, and Uhura in a short skirt/Kirk in a ripped shirt (depends on the viewer), I don't care about EU and Continuity, I want more of the movies.

Is that whole little spiel suppose to make me feel bad? Cause what I'm seeing in that is just more "Love my fanwank ideals or your're not a real fan"
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