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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

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I read so many (wrong) posts here criticising a lack of character development in the last two Star Trek movies, and now you three here tell me character growth doesn't matter?
I think, for our production at least, we are generally content to show the same amount and kinds of growth in the character that we saw them undergo back during the 80 hours of Trek in the 1960s. I'm not exactly sure how much of TOS's popularity was driven by character development. I think that Star Trek, like its sister show Mission: Impossible, was largely plot-driven. But I'm sure Kirk must have grown and developed substantially between "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and "Turnabout Intruder."

I think your suggestions, though, would make for a very interesting approach to Star Trek that many people would like to see. I know *I'd* watch it! I think just about everyone here would be encouraging of your efforts.
The passive-aggressive-ness of that last sentence really wasn't necessary.

I know that I neither have the resources nor the talent to do a tiny fraction of what you've accomplished.

You see my comments as an attack on fan productions; they aren't one.
It's just a direction I'd like you, who have proven your talent, to try and take; to make a Star Trek of your own; to be unburdened of all that canon.
I don't see your suggestions as an attack (although its flattering to think that we have so much traction that we would be attacked for something). I am taking your suggestions very seriously to heart! I think there are indeed elements of our fan base who are clamoring for a really different take on Star Trek. I just am not certain how to satisfy those people and still satisfy those who want nothing to do with a different take on Star Trek.

Another important point is that fan films exist purely through the generosity of CBS Consumer Products. We have tacit approval from them to make our silly little productions as long as we don't realize any revenue (not just bottom line revenue, but top line revenue), and as long as we continue to work within the confines of their old, "abandoned" artistic design and timeline. The minute we deviate from that and head off in some interesting new direction that we think the public wants to see, we become competition to them--using what is actually their own property. So the amount we are allowed to deviate from the old Star Trek look isn't just a matter of artistic preference; it's actually a condition imposed upon us by the actual property owners.

We can, of course, actually do whatever we want to do with whatever character arcs and growth we want to show in our characters. We just wouldn't be able to use the Trek characters or Trek elements or the Trek name. (I guess that would then be called a "film" instead of a "fan film.")
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