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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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in re: the previous time line... if a showrunner can present an idea that makes that issue irrelevant (meaning knowledge of the franchise and care for continuity while delivering quality material) it doesn't matter to 'new fans', while it appeases the 'old fans'.
Your treatment seems to spend quite a bit of energy talking about it, so I assumed it was a selling point. If not, why mention it at all ?

"Reconciles" ? Time was changed. There's nothing to reconciled: it's different now. And that is most definitely a fan perspective. Most viewers, and the studio, wouldn't care for that.

APRIL was the first captain of the Enterprise, and COLT was his yeoman.
This was never stated in canon, mind you.
the timeline can be reconciled. it's called inventive storytelling.
it involves the eventual use of Sarpedion as a plot device and that's all i can articulate.

APRIL was the first captain of the Enterprise.

that was the only thing of TAS that was accepted as actual canon. the rest of the characters are from the memory alpha and beta 'continuities' which i hope to bring into the franchise canon 'whole'. a stated objective in the treatment.

COLT's first posting within this expanded continuity--mind you, Trek licensed and paid for novels, etc--was under his command.
Not in the old canon's he's not the 1st Captain. We don't know if there is a Captain before Pike or not. It was never established in anything but TAS--which is take it or leave it in terms of canon. He's status in the new canon is wishy-washy, easily ignored; seeing as Pike was established at the first CO of the 1701.

In short: Why should anyone care about April outside the hardline fans.
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