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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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The best example was when Tennant was in the prime of his run, people loved him. Now, I get the sense he's not fondly remembered. And let's not count how many instances there's been of bashing RTD because of Moffat lately.
For me, at least, I always loved what Tennant brought to the role, but he was held back by terrible scripts and direction that had him running around like a grinning idiot (as the Fifth called him) with all the subtlety of a donkey with a drum set. When he was allowed to settle down, he nailed it. But he basically had two modes: "HAVE YOU MET THE FRENCH? " or "I am deadly serious. " So it's not that I dislike Tennant, I just wish he had had better scripts from which to work.
I agree with this. When I go back and rewatch Tennant episodes, I still really enjoy his performance, but the feel of the episodes themselves is just so much more over-the-top and cartoonish.

One of my favorite Tennant moments is from "The End of Time" when he talks to Wilf about the bad things he's done and how regeneration feels like dying. He basically breaks down. It was very well done.
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