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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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The best example was when Tennant was in the prime of his run, people loved him. Now, I get the sense he's not fondly remembered. And let's not count how many instances there's been of bashing RTD because of Moffat lately.
For me, at least, I always loved what Tennant brought to the role, but he was held back by terrible scripts and direction that had him running around like a grinning idiot (as the Fifth called him) with all the subtlety of a donkey with a drum set. When he was allowed to settle down, he nailed it. But he basically had two modes: "HAVE YOU MET THE FRENCH? " or "I am deadly serious. " So it's not that I dislike Tennant, I just wish he had had better scripts from which to work.

Eccleston, though ... fuck, I would give a kidney to have had more time with him. Actually, I would probably give a kidney to see how Tennant would have handled the arc of Series 5, though Matt Smith was amazing and I will miss his presence terribly.
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