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Re: Do Spock & Saavik have any children?

Charles Phipps wrote: View Post
I also heard a rumor Shatner (or somebody) wanted Kirk and Saavik together.
When I interviewed Paul Winfield, who was making a movie Down Under after filming ST II, but before its theatrical release, we asked him about the rapport we could expect between Saavik and various regular characters and he indicated that the film would show a hint of romantic attraction between Saavik and Kirk, then elaborated that it was inverse to how the actors felt about each other.

My friends and I were puzzled and intrigued, especially when the film came out and there wasn't much evidence of an onscreen attraction. (And what did that mean for Winfield's comment about the actors? Especially when a set of licensed playing cards came out, with set pics of Saavik and David hugging.) When we finally got to see an off-air taping of the ABC TV broadcast of ST II, sent by a US-based penpal, the new version of the Kirk/Saavik elevator scene was much appreciated!

It was also interesting that Saavik ended up being recast for ST III (and essentially reconceived as a full Vulcan by Director Nimoy). Paramount offered Kirstie Alley less money than she made on ST II, her agent counter-offered, expecting a haggling match, as per usual - and Paramount never responded. Contractually, the studio had made the offer and was now free to recast.

tomswift2002 wrote: View Post
I remember reading about that rumour in some book about Star Trek 4. I also seem to recall that Peter David did something with the rumour in #76 "Captain's Daughter", but it's been over ten years since I read the book.
Not quite. Peter David made a suggestion that Janice Rand had left the Enterprise pregnant, and had had a daughter, Annie, who died at age two. Readers were left to consider if the child was Kirk's, who had since been "killed off" in "Generations".

And that Saavik did conceive and it was the reason why she didn't time travel with Kirk and crew (plus from a budget point of view, the film makers probably were trying to save money and come up with an excuse as to why Saavik was separated from Kirk and crew, even though she should've been sent off for debriefing before the movie began, and Kirk and crew arrested).
"Your condition" was dropped into the (cut) dialogue as a little plot hook that could have been later picked up if the writers decided they needed it.

The main reason for removing Saavik from the main action of ST IV, according to Nimoy and Bennett, was that hiding one Vulcan's ears and eyebrows was tricky yet humorous. A second Vulcan in 20th century San Francisco was unnecessary.

When online Newsgroup rumours were running thick and fast during the making of ST VI, and it was revealed that Kim Cattrall had steadfastly refused to play a third incarnation of Saavik, there was supposedly a brief consideration that the new Vulcan character, Valeris (or Eris, or Val'eris), might have been the child of Saavik and Spock, who had hyperaged to adulthood due to the same Genesis effect that had hyperaged Spock in ST III. (I've never seen this rumour reported elsewhere, but I well remember it from the newsgroup printouts of the day. Whether it was fan speculation or an actual leaked conversation from the production, who knows.)

lvsxy808 wrote: View Post
In general I don't like the idea of them ever being a couple, because they always seemed more of a father-daughter relationship to me, so anything more than that comes off as creepy.
The "Vulcan's Noun" books handled the issue very well. Spock and Saavik had both lived career-oriented, partnerless lives for decades and, realizing that as long-lived Vulcans they probably had decades of the same ahead of them. They had not been in a mentor/student relationship in a loooong time. They came together as a couple for companionship, and out of mutual respect. Quite logically.
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