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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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So? I still know what superman is like (and I'd bet I've read/seen more with him than Snyder or Nolan). I don't need to have read every superman comic in the last 80 years to know what he's like. Moody, angsty, and having an earth Dad that tells him to let kids drown and having Jor El be some kind of fighter? Not superman. Bearded "hobo"? Not superman (outside of a hilarious looking silver age comic, apparently, and even then he didn't have a beard). He seriously looks like Christian bale's type of character in the bearded hobo clips, and all the clips look like generic dark superhero movie #456.

The Dark Man of Steel Rises just looks bad. Every clip makes it look worse. I haven't seen a superhero movie thats made me just shocked at how stupid it looked since Dark Knight Rises was showing tV spots/trailers. It will probably not be as bad as The dark Knight (I don't know if its possible to make a worse superhero movie than that) but its almost certainly going to suck. I'll admit that it is possible that it could be watchable (Snyder did direct a version of Watchman that I could sit through, even if the story still sucked) and its even possible it won't be as much of a Nolan superhero movie as I think, but it still looks like a bad superhero movie that will make Superman IV look like The Avengers.
OK, we get it. You're close minded and ignorant of how ignorant you are. You don't like the movie regardless of having seen it or not. You blame Nolan for things that you have no knowledge of. Have I got it all??

Now why don't you go find something to talk about that you like (if possible).
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