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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

When the pitch said the show was going to be like Benson and Parks and Rec, I stopped reading. 1. Benson was on like 30 years ago. Who cares? 2. Benson and Parks and Rec have VERY different types of humor. Which is it?

And having 188 outlines stories? That's a bad idea. They don't care about that. They would want to know first season and ideas of the general direction of the remaining seasons. 188 outlined stories... what if about 25 in, things aren't working out...? All of those outlines are going to be dumped. Having that many outlined stories shows you are an amateur. If you were seriously pitching it, I wouldn't tell them that.

Besides, in order to actually pitch it, do you have an agent, or a manager? Have you produced television before?

They won't hand the keys over to a franchise to someone with little or no experience. The BEST you could hope for: they buy your idea, give you a created by credit, and hand the show over to an experience showrunner.

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WGA registration is a necessary first step to have your document viewed by ANYONE. non-members can register and they should, after they make a writing attempt. this is the step that 99% of fandom misses, therefore...
This isn't true. I haven't registered scripts in a long time. I've had plenty of meetings all over LA with studios and networks.

i encourage everyone to take the time to write and register something; TRY. it's a noble effort to make an attempt at something you like.
Dude. It's REALLY easy to write and register something. The registration is super easy. It's online. The writing of quality, yes, I agree, it's hard work.

and finally, no, this is not a cover letter, logline, pitch, script or synopsis. this is a treatment, which is a broader overview of the project and a document which accompanies those things.

sorry it's not compelling to you, but i find your criticism... well... not compelling. i think the allegory and characters will sit well with modern audiences. especially when the series that it morphs into is a raking a quarter million box office worldwide.
A quarter million box office? 250,000 dollars isn't very much. That's like... you can't even make a TV show for that. Do you mean quarter of a BILLION? 250 million dollars... that's about how much Into Darkness cost to make and advertise.
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