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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

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OK, I'll start with an example from "Equinox." (I'd better save the subject of Tuvix for Guy Gardener or some one equally eloquent on the subject).

Janeway tortures Crewman Lessing to get intel on Ransom, against whom she has a personal vendetta. She confines Chakotay to his quarters for stopping her and for telling her that torture is wrong. She tells the aliens that if they'll stop attacking Voyager she'll deliver the Equinox to them. When Tuvok points out that will be certain death for the Equinox crew she threatens to confine him to quarters too.
Then I guess you're hatred for Janeway makes you give Captain Sisko a pass for his vendetta against Michael Eddington.
All things considered, I do think that Janeway is a worse captain than Sisko.

I also think that Kate Mulgrew is a much better actor than Avery Brooks.
As for who was the better can you truly compare the two...when they were both commanding in MUCH different circumstances. It's almost like apples and oranges. Sisko had back-up from Starfleet and Bajor (although he was also helping to protect Bajor, he also had help from Bajorans such as Kira) and the Klingons. But he also had extra responsibilities because he was the Emissary and a father. Janeway did NOT have support from Starfleet for most of the show since they were lost in space. We never got to see Sisko in that kind of situation. We don't really know how he would have reacted.

As for acting, I prefer Kate Mulgrew also, however I think Avery Brook is also a fine actor.
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