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Re: Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

Kirl5555 wrote:
You could be right. Just from reading about it on wikipedia, it seemed like it would be a "chick flick". Wikipedia says the movie is about a woman obsessed with a man who uses her to cheat on his wife, then gets rid of her. That sounds like a movie with a demographic that is mainly women. It doesn't really matter, though. it still seems like a stupid 80's movie to me.
It's closer to something like "Cape Fear" than a chick flick. Chick flicks don't usually feature someone terrorizing a family, killing their pets and causing all sorts of mayhem. Close plays the villain this.

It's Academy Award nominations were:
Best Picture
Best Actress in a Leading Role—Glenn Close
Best Actress in a Supporting Role—Anne Archer
Best Director—Adrian Lyne
Best Film Editing—Peter E. Berger and Michael Kahn
Best Adapted Screenplay—James Dearden

We're talking about a woman whose best years, physically, are behind her. She does not look like a superhero, and I'm sure she's not up for real superhero action movie stuff. Not that she'd need to, if they had her character do anything it would probably be completely CGI anyway, but its still just a stupid idea. She doesn't fit as a superhero or someone similar, its as simple as that.
You do realize that not everyone cast in a superhero film play superheroes. Being the leader of the Nova Corps doesn't mean she has be a "superhero". Perhaps she's the Queen of Xandar?
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