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Re: Warehouse 13 renewed for fifth/final seasonfinal

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Well, there's always the book . . . .
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^^ But will there be another?
Perhaps with the TV show ending, it would be the perfect time for a series of books to carry on the adventures of the W13 team (or possibly even begin the W14 era, depending on how things end with the series). I'm sure "A Touch of Fever" has been feeling lonely on the shelf these last couple of years.
Alas, at the moment, I'm not aware of any more WH13 novels in the pipeline. It was a one-book deal and the editor in charge has since moved onto greener pastures. I keep hoping somebody else will pick up the license, but with the show going off the air, that's probably a long shot.

(In general, publishers want to get in on the Next Big Thing, not something that's winding down.)
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