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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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Anything to do with Pike and/or April is better left to the realms of novels and comics. Why? Cause people don't care. They want Kirk and Spock; to a lesser extent Picard and Data. They want the characters that are part of the fabric of American pop-culture.
That's also true and something I forgot to mention.

The OP seems written for the poster, not for studio execs and certainly not with the general viewers in mind.

And a Trek sitcom ? And transitioning to the current movie cast seems like a fanboyish dream. At best you get guest appearances.

And if you really want to be obsessed with minutiae here, and assuming the Countdown To Darkness comics is "canon", Robert April was under the command of a different Enterprise twenty years before 2259, so the previously-established dates are all wrong, and THIS Enterprise is actually a brand new one (which is implied by the dialogue in ST09.)
And that's my opinion.
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