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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

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Well at least I gave it a read.

Commanded by Captain Robert APRIL, and documented by his bookkeeper, COLT, these two characters will encounter the discontinuity and be tasked to restore the Star Trek universe to PRIMETIME.
I don't think that's a good idea. First off, only big fans of Trek care about the previous timeline(s). Second, do you really want a series that strives to restore what was abandoned four years ago ? The whole point of the reboot was to do away with all that. I don't see CBS wanting to go back on all this.

I also don't think CBS cares about previous plot holes or about "Roddenberry's vision". The treatment gives way too much minutiae about Trek that, again, they will just skip over, in my opinion.

Also, most of your 'cast' appears North-American or caucasian, quite far from Roddenberry's vision.
in re: the previous time line... if a showrunner can present an idea that makes that issue irrelevant (meaning knowledge of the franchise and care for continuity while delivering quality material) it doesn't matter to 'new fans', while it appeases the 'old fans'. it isn't a matter of 'going back' on anything. i present an storyline that reconciles the two timelines. as well, the franchise wasn't re-booted necessarily. with a read of the non-movie Trek material, post 2009, you'll see that the franchise is working towards continuity reconciliation... EVERYONE connects to the "Hobus incident"/Genesis.

in re: the racial makeup of the cast... funny to me that you should think that. when approaching this project, i asked myself the exact question, "what would be the realistic racial breakdown of humanity in 2244," and began to pen accordingly. while it is true that the principles are 'white', one is British and the other a red-head, that is an story aspect that i am stuck with. APRIL was the first captain of the Enterprise, and COLT was his yeoman.

the tertiary characters, however, combat every aspect of racial (and age related) homogeneity.

the characters POOLE and SIMON are middle age women, Simon being close to elderly.

FLORIDA i have interpreted as Spanish.
SANEWAY has been characterized in continuity as Indian.
ALLINSKY i have interpreted as an older Jewish man.
PRESIDENT QSAR is represented as middle eastern.
and prominently
if you'll recall the races of the characters from continuity which my leads report to/are subordinate to
and Fleet Admiral NOGURA....

my casting directives (lead, guest, or regular) can be categorized as a age, gender, and racial 'balance'. more than any trek incarnation yet. with no "tokens."

i wanna see the show a hit worldwide, in part to the casting considerations.

thanks for bringing that up

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