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Re: TOS continues...

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You are not seriously comparing Kirk and co. to Abraham Lincoln?

Bringing life again to a real historical figure through the medium film is something else entirely from telling stories about fictional characters.
Yes, I'm seriously comparing a character that you "can't" write about because his established future path is already known with a historical character whom, I guess, you similarly can't write about because his future path is already known. Many of our viewers don't differentiate the kind of immutability of the fictional Trek universe with the kind of immutability of the actual universe.

But you'd need to take it up with them regarding why they think that way.
Who said you "can't" write about anyone?
Well, I hope I didn't mischaracterize what Halliwell said, but I might have summarized it inartfully.

"From a creative stand point, the TOS fan films are limited to what's already been established with these characters. Unless they do a reboot like JJ-TOS, then we know that the 5 year mission will end. Kirk will get promoted, Spock will go back to Vulcan for Kolinhar, the Enterprise will be refit and Scotty will over see it, and McCoy will leave Starfleet and Kirk won't be captain again until TMP."

I guess she was saying that it would be a challenge, not that it couldn't be done. What I was trying to get at, and I might not have articulated it well enough, is that you can actually tell interesting and compelling stories about characters, real or fictional within the confines of the future that is known to await them. You *can* make Lincoln a part-time vampire slayer, but evidently you don't actually have to reboot him to make an award-winning movie. Maybe this line of thinking only works with historical figures, I guess, and not fictional ones for some reason.

But I suppose it's true: adhering to what is already "known" is "limiting." I just see a pretty blank canvas to work with despite those limitations--even if I'm limited to just that canvas size.
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