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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

Well at least I gave it a read.

Commanded by Captain Robert APRIL, and documented by his bookkeeper, COLT, these two characters will encounter the discontinuity and be tasked to restore the Star Trek universe to PRIMETIME.
I don't think that's a good idea. First off, only big fans of Trek care about the previous timeline(s). Second, do you really want a series that strives to restore what was abandoned four years ago ? The whole point of the reboot was to do away with all that. I don't see CBS wanting to go back on all this.

I also don't think CBS cares about previous plot holes or about "Roddenberry's vision". The treatment gives way too much minutiae about Trek that, again, they will just skip over, in my opinion.

Also, most of your 'cast' appears North-American or caucasian, quite far from Roddenberry's vision.
And that's my opinion.
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