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Re: Ridley Scott hires Green Lantern writer for Blade Runner 2

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So, in the interest of fairness, what else has this guy written?
He created the short-lived TV show Kings, and has a number of other TV credits, but nothing particularly interesting (or offputting).
Kings was pretty fantastic.
Yeah, if it's what I think it is (a quasi modern/parallel world retelling of the biblical story of David?), I really enjoyed it while it lasted.

Everything I've heard/read about GL screams multiple re-writes and a studio not knowing how to handle what they've got, or even really understand the source material. Indeed, the upcoming 'World War Z' has a similar odor to it. Under those circumstances, a writer is just a hired gun and by no means solely responsible for the end product.

Indeed, a number of times in recent years, I've been pleasantly surprised at the high quality of certain films made by people who's writing and/or directing credits up to that point have ranged from mediocre to utterly dire. So I put less and less stock in such things when considering my expectations for a new film.

Still, given the frustrating disappointment that was Prometheus (it honestly would have been better if the dropped all links with with Alien...and got a JCB to fill in those gaping plot holes) I'm very wary of Ridley doing a sequel to Blade Runner. At least with Alien there was potential for more story telling and a compelling mystery extant in the first film (who were the space jockeys?) that was never addressed in any of the cinematic sequels or spin-offs.
While as the excellent 1997 video game proved, there are certainly more storytelling opportunities in the world of Blade Runner, a direct sequel just doesn't feel right.
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