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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

Since I know nothing about this field, I have to ask: why ?
Because you've published it for everyone to see and to copy and then claim CBS stole their ideas.

Same reason authors don't like for folks to mention story ideas in the Trek Literature forum.

Plus, I would think CBS would like to keep the contents of any new Trek series from the public until they are ready to announce it.
fortunately i know a lot about this field, and i have pretty keen advisors.

this treatment is registered with the WGA, and only released on specific terms.

i'm well cognizant of the secrecy around the Trek empire, and this violates none. (if i were to share my 'bible' and teleplay's on the otherhand...). this proposal reflects an anthology presentation of existing licensed material (with obvious expository situations expected). as a fan, i don't like the secrecy of the organization. it's warranted in some regard, but far too extreme in others. as well, i do my best to Captain Kirk my way around the rules.

my tactic is 'leverage' of product. i'm not naive to think that there aren't a million Star Trek ideas out there.

this is a pitch, among many, that is WGA registered, and developed in depth. the overall proposal includes a business plan, a bible, 4 teleplays, and detailed story outlines for 188 episodes. (plus cover letters, synopses, etc)

in terms of most pitches for ANY series, there are few as detailed as this.. (even just in what i've posted here)

and i throw in the added bonus of reconciling the franchise continuity/time and proposed use of the movie cast in their age appropriate roles.

to my knowledge, NO OTHER TREK PITCH has yet to make that consideration. (and JJ Abrams is out, now, remember)

i'm trying, of course, to please fans, for which i would classify myself as a former/current MEGA FAN... but ultimately, like i mentioned earlier, it's gotta be something that grabs the exec well enough to make it to screen. i could have it on tv for fall '13 with a greenlight tomorrow (not anticipated), but i'm well into my calendar of roll out/actualization for fall '14.

i'm not doubting troubles and hair pulling with CBS. however, as mentioned, i'm approaching with leverage (and this includes contacts with key players for enactment of my proposal, talent and creative-wise, which i'm not naming at this time)

Dorn's/Singer's/Fuller's/Orci's pitches haven't pleased CBS well enough, so i'm giving it a try. (and i'm quite a capable individual)

post script: and as much as we'd like to think so, TrekBBS can't exactly be categorized as "the general public." it's a fraction of a percent of the fanbase. (we're the ones hardcore enough for BBS-ing?)
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