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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

BillJ wrote: View Post
In fairness, I took a few minutes and read it.


It's not very good. It has way too many callbacks to other series and I found none of what was proposed particularly funny.

And you misspelled 'Constitution'.

EDIT: Plus, projects like Star Trek are usually developed 'in-house' by the company that owns the rights.
It gives me great pleasure to address your points.

1) 'callbacks' - that's entirely it's point. if it can be done well, it should be done.

2) humor - to each their own, but you haven't heard a line of dialogue yet.

3) any typo is a result of a cut and paste operation into the bbs commenting structure. i also lost all all of my bold headings, indentations, and italicizations. the text has seen a thousand sets of eyes (literally) before yours.

4) Nicholas Meyer, Harve Bennett, and JJ Abrams. i rest my case.

i love being underestimated. so please continue with any questions or quibbles.

i'm not afraid of opinion, and i have spent farrrrrr more hours on the business and negotiation aspects of this proposal than you're estimating.
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