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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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$240 would be the apex I reckon at thi stands though a $220ish target seems likely. However worldwide target is going to crack $200 million based off starts in China & Korea. Worldwide probably a target of $440-460 seems likely
Yes, I think with $50+ million from China we could end up @ $225/$240 = $465m WW.

Trouble is that though it is an increase from $385m we got last time it will not be a big enough increase relative to the extra budget and WW marketing campaign.

The quoted budget for ST09 was $150m and now STID is $190m, so it needed an extra $80m from WW to make it back - which it did BUT also the advertising budget for overseas increased as well so I think STID will make less money than ST09 due to the extra expenses. Paramount spent more and would have wanted more of an increase after 3D, Inflation and overseas expansion are taken into account.

Lower budget for sure next time. I think it will still be 3D though.
I wish you'd stop bringing up your unfounded, unsupported "double the budget to make a profit"-line.
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