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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

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What did bother me was, after building up the new enterprise almost like a character, calling it "her" and "she", the computer now had a very harsh mechanical male voice with this abrasive buzzer. I realize that ships being "female" is just navel tradition, and the computer voice is technically a separate thing. But I think the fact that computer was heard so frequently through the film (always bringing bad news), coupled with the very sterile look of the interior sets, gave me the sense that the new Enterprise was a very cold and dangerous place to be. Unlike the TOS enterprise, where even thought there was danger in space, the Enterprise felt like a home. The new Enterprise felt like a deathtrap. People dying in transporter beams, warp engine imbalance. To me this was NOT the same ship that brought Kirk and crew back home safely after 5 years.

Which, to an extent, I believe was the intent of the film. However it was so much that it lost any connection in my mind with the TOS enterprise. I think had there been more time, much of these would have been ironed out in the sound mixing process.
Well said, and I agree with these points, although the change did not in and of itself bother me. The "bad news" announcements were overly repetitive, which was a problem, and I expect that would have been one of the things ironed out in post, given more time.

Also, personally, I think that the various attempts in the DE to alter that ambiance were both misguided and unsuccessful.

That ambiance was intentional, and I don't think it was quite taken far enough. On the board, I've commented before about how there's a thematic connection between the transporter accident and Ilia's digitization. I think it might have been a missed opportunity to develop that connection explicitly, with at least some discussion of how Federation technology was moving towards what V'Ger was capable of (compared with where we are today, in the real world). That would have justified the tense and nervous feeling conveyed by the ship's interiors, it would have made the statement about the V'Ger/Decker fusion being a possible next step in our evolution less of a throwaway line, and it would have given greater depth to the film's tagline about the human adventure just beginning.
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