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Re: Unused crossover ideas

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3. Bring back Capt Maxwell from TNG the Wounded. After doing "hard time" in those Federation penal resorts they send criminals to in this era.
Especially after it was proven that everything he was saying about the Cardassians was true.

Alternate him with appearances by Admiral Ross, or even largely replace Ross with Maxwell.

4. A more in your face dealing with ... the Federation council.
I have always want to see the full Council in session, have one of our Captains addressing it. Creating all the Council members would be a CGI fest. Actually I would prefer Captain Kirk over one of the other captains, Picard would be a more eloquent speaker, but Kirk a more passionate one.

I envision addressing the full Federation Council would look something like this.

... and the removal of the Ba'ku from their home planet.
In the opposite of you, I would have loved to have seen Picard being dressed down by the full Council for his actions in the Baku matter.

I'd love to see Sisko or Picard confront them over how the government is being run ... Picard could be more forceful in the confrontation with the Section, Command or Council.
In the case of upper Starfleet Command or the Council, they might find themselves harshly reminded that when it comes right down to it, neither of them are particularly important.

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